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Triumph Spitfire Mk3

The 5th of September 2002 I mounted the number plate!

This is the little British car I have been working on for one and a half year. The first time I might have seen Spitfires, was in Nantes, in France in the nineties. I did not realized these sports cars are Spitfires, I just knew that they are English. I remember well the characteristic rear wings and the light blue color. Years later I wanted to have an MGB but it remained a dream especially because of stupid taxes. Finally, end of year 2000 I had the occasion to buy and restore a British sports car. I had been surfing on the net for two weeks and I decided to buy a Spitfire Mk3. I had found a couple of promising adds in Netherlands, so with two friends we made a short trip to Amsterdam, and we visited some owners having mainly mk2 and mk3 cars before restoration. This was the first time in my life I had seen so many British cars. After having seen everything I decided to buy Paul's mk3. Paul had started his mk3 project a few years ago. He dismantled the car completely and he did welding and ordered all of necessary spares and replacements. He also had rebuilt engine and gearbox with overdrive. We left the car in his garage and went home. One month later I sent back a track driver to Amsterdam, and my first British car arrived to Hungary beginning of December 2000, on a trailer and in 20 cartons. Few months later I started my project in Budapest.

Production data
December 2000: The Transport January 2002: Engine
Summer 2001: Respraying May 2002: Engine bay ready
August 2001: The red sports car!!! End of May 2002:Carpet set and speaker
November 2001: My little workshop July 2002:The finished car!
February 2002:Wipermotor September 2002:The first legal driving weekend!!!